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One-Page Rapid Program Quality Assessment

Program quality tools and methods are cumbersome, not intuitive, and don’t easily lead to program changes and improvements. Program leaders and staff deserve effective and efficient ways to understand and adapt their programs.

The current state of program quality assessment and use is comprised of very long tools that typically include the same handful of people auditing a program over the course of at least one full day. A scan of the available tools found a range from 9 to over 30 pages, with each requiring substantial training and financial investment.
We share a nimble and easy solution that works across staff that reduces the time spent administering the tool and invests in getting results to determine actions. This one-page tool that can be administered frequently by a single staff person as often as possible. Tested it for over three years alongside accompanying action templates ensure the information and process is useful in driving program decision making. Most recently, we have developed an app to further mitigate the time between administering and using results.

Download an Excel Version to Customize


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