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8RES and DYCD plan workshops that offer a range of topics designed to enhance your professional skills and propel your organization's success. From leadership and communication to project management and technical skills, our expert-led sessions combine theory and practice to provide insights and strategies to help you excel in your field. Whether you're looking to sharpen your leadership abilities, master new technologies, or expand your network, our workshops are designed to meet your needs.


For the remainder of FY24, we have the following Workshop Series available:

Fundraising and Board Management sessions are developed primarily for EDs, Board Members, Executive-level Development Staff.

This series is focused on leading through data for DYCD-Funded Executive, Development, and Program leaders.

Measurement for Leadership Series.png

Big picture planning, motivating, and managing sessions help Executive staff to update, sharpen, and brighten their knowledge and skills.


This foundational series has been developed for leaders of Emerging and Faith Based organizations.


Sessions tailored to the needs of leaders of Office of Neighborhood Safety organizations.

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